About Us

Exercise. Can. Be. Fun.

Our ZUMBA classes certainly are, and THAT we can promise!
You'll be drenched in sweat after a 45 minutes class, 
surprised that all that time is gone in a blink of an eye,
You'll feel happy, content, healthy, fit, and full of energy.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, sex, race, 
political, religious or sexual orientation :)

Dublin City Centre, Marino/Fairview, Glasnevin/Drumcondra, Rathmines, Terenure/Templeogue, 
Dundrum/Ballinteer/Rathfarnham, Dun Laoghaire, Bray.



Business owners Lily and Viktor met at a salsa class in 2008. That was the beginning of their love story, and they got married in 2015. 
They taught Cuban salsa in Dublin in 2011-2012, but then put it on hold to build the Zumba 'empire' :) 
They founded Dance and Health in 2011, and they work together on creating a great experience to all customers. They love to form a great team both in their personal, as well as in their business life. Lily is one of the instructors, with a background in ballroom dancing, teaching aerobics and step aerobics classes, having been a certified Zumba instructor since 2010.

Our instructors:


Her dancing career started in early childhood, being a professional gymnast for 10 years. Later, she learnt more and more types of movement: classical ballet, jazz ballet, and tried different modern dance techniques, from Dancehall to Contemporary, you name it. She continued her career as a dance teacher assistant, also participated in performances and movies. She got certified as a Zumba instructor in 2013, in Dublin, and started to teach as a brand new journey in her dancing career. Customers love her positive energy and the way she shares the love of dance.


She's been dancing since she was a kid. She's done: ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, Latin dance, hip-hop, commercial dance, among others. She's also been involved in musical theatre where she received dance training. After she started to attend Zumba classes, she fell in love with it and decided to become an instructor herself. Pursuing this goal, she became a certified Zumba instructor in Dublin in 2016, and since then she keeps sharing the love of dance. 


Her talent in dancing was first recognised by her father when she was a little girl, and she was introduced to different dance types. She feels that becoming a certified Zumba instructor in 2012 was the best decision of her life. She is passionate about exercise and dance and loves the way Zumba is able to mix the two. She is eager to share this love with others and wants others to experience that it is possible to burn a ton of calories, without even realising it, while having great fun. 


She's been teaching dancing and aerobics most of her life, both for kids and adults. Being passionate about these, it was a natural step in her professional career to become a Zumba instructor and keep spreading the love of dance and fitness. Her main goal in life is to inspire people to live a healthy and happy life, and that speaks for itself. You'll feel the positive energy during her classes, and she will make sure you leave the class every time with a big smile on your face, eager to be back for more.


Having experience in dance competitions and performances, she also believes that fitness has to be a lifestyle. Both health and dancing are her passions, and she decided that teaching Zumba would be a great way to fulfil her aspirations to spread energy and fun. Her bubbly personality is infectious and would make people feel energised during and after her classes. Her goal is to help class attendees forget about the daily stress and leave each class feeling happy. 


She has been immersed in the Caribbean rhythms for as long as she can remember.
Becoming a Zumba instructor was the natural evolution for this fitness fanatic who loves to express herself through rhythm and dance.
She loves to teach Zumba and delights in seeing the positive feedback from her students. The fact that Zumba is a fantastic cardio workout is an added bonus but her greatest satisfaction is seeing her students leave with a smile on their face and dance in their hearts.


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