Turn your workout session into a Happy Hour

Smile. Sweat. Repeat.

Is this the best home-based exercise program?

Join thousands of people who already cast their vote – and find out for yourself.
Our super-easy and super-fun dance fitness classes will make you feel amazing.
They are suitable for all levels of fitness. No equipment needed. Do it anywhere, anytime.

Avoid spending money on fitness programs that you will hate doing. Fall in love with exercising with the
the help of our classes.

Invest in your health today, because YOU are your biggest asset.

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Dance based exercise using mostly Latin rhythms, and also international rhythms from around the world. Our 45 minutes classes are designed to make you sweat and smile. Read more


Our revolutionary new program is designed to make you fall in love with exercising. Bite-sized, 30-minutes classes to the hottest summer hits. Sing along, while dancing your socks off. Get your workout in while having an amazing time. Read more

Lacking the motivation to exercise?

We are here to help you “fix” that.

Release The Power of Mind Over Your Body

Have you ever had to push yourself to do any of your favourite activities: go out with friends, watch a
great movie, read a good book, go on a holiday – we never feel like we need to feel motivated to do the things we like.

Imagine this: your exercise routine – in the same group with your favourite activities! How amazing would that be?

That’s exactly our goal with our classes: we want to see people enjoying their exercise.

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