Summer 2013 - Special Offer

Summer 2013

Special Offer

You don't want to hide on your holiday and you don't want to wear more cloths than the weather requires, do you?

Having a healthy lifestyle should be part of your daily routine, but I know everyone is in rush to get in shape before summer.

So rather than starting a not too healthy diet which promises fast weight loss, the better choice is to increase your exercise-doze, your ZUMBA-doze! (If you only lose weight without exercising, your skin will be loose and you still wouldn't feel comfortable in your bikini).

If your weight is just right, you can still go for the other benefits of an energetic ZUMBA class! You will feel better, your body will get toned, you will have more energy, and you will have a healthy glow on your face.

So here is the offer:


Valid for all ZUMBA cards!

Offer valid till 21st April 2013

This offer ended, but you are more than welcome to join our ZUMBA classes in Dublin 2, Dublin 6 and Dublin 8. For detailed timetable, prices, locations and maps CLICK HERE


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