The Perfect Christmas Present - Zumba Gift Cards

How to make that special person
wonderfully happy?

How to create the biggest smile possible?

Give the Gift of Fun this Christmas!

You can choose one of these options:

5 ZUMBA classes - €45

10 ZUMBA classes - €80

15 ZUMBA classes - €110

2 months Unlimited ZUMBA-fun - €90

6 months Unlimited ZUMBA-fun - €240

12 months Unlimited ZUMBA-fun - €360

*The best feature?*
The pass can be started anytime
-The time will be counted from the first day of the class attended-

She (or he) starts the 6 months pass on 24th January - the pass will be valid until 24th July

She (or he) starts the 3 months pass on 5th March - the pass will be valid until 5th June

She (or he) starts the 12 months pass on 3rd April - the pass will be valid until 3rd April 2021

There is no time lost, even if she (or he) starts the pass at a later stage

12 locations across Dublin!
All these passes can be used at all the venues!

We provide beautiful, personalised online gift cards.

What to do next?

Step 1:
- Choose your preferred pass below

Step 2:
- Provide the name of the person who will be using the pass at checkout

Step 3:
- Receive the gift card to your email inbox
(If you have a special request, you can contact us on 086-392-4913 or send us an email to

See what others say:

"I feel more energetic and I feel like I've just been to a dance party." - Lisa C

"It's my first time doing Zumba and I absolutely love it." - Danielle D.

"Great fun and a great way to meet new people." - Niamh B.

"The experience was fantastic." - Connie C.

"Packed with happy women all enjoying ourselves. Fun, energetic, smiles & happy time, Looking forward to the next one." - Caitriona T.

"I tried Zumba for the first time a week ago. A friend of mine recommended me to go. I had so much fun and it was a great laugh. Definitely going again soon." - Paula B.

Buy the ZUMBA-pass now, and make 
that Special Person happy!

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