Valentine's Flash Sale


Self-love and self-care
are not selfish.
You cannot pour from an empty cup.
You must fill your cup first.
Valentine's Day

ZUMBA punch cards:

8 ZUMBA classes - €60

14 ZUMBA classes - €90

- you can activate your pass anytime
- no rules, no restrictions, the classes don't have to be taken every week; you attend any class, any location, anytime


Unlimited ZUMBA memberships:

1 month Unlimited ZUMBA membership - €50

3 months Unlimited ZUMBA membership - €120

5 months Unlimited ZUMBA membership - €155

- activate your pass anytime: buy now, activate it later
- attend any location, anytime, go to as many classes as you want.

Offer ends:
Monday 18th February 2019

You will receive a receipt after you made your purchase.
Simply show the receipt at the door when you want to activate your pass.
Choose your Zumba pass:

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