Our Online ZumbaWear Shop is NOW OPEN!

Breaking News: Our Zumba Wear online shop is now open!

If you have ever attended our Zumba® classes, you probably noticed that many of our instructors (and customers) are wearing Zumba® branded clothes.
It's not because they are expected to wear them, it's entirely their choice to pick their fitness gear.

But if you've ever worn a Zumba Wear top or a pair of leggings, you understand the addiction: It's not only the most comfortable apparel to wear for dance or fitness classes, but as a side effect, a real confidence booster too.

So we are proud to announce that Dance and Health have become an official Zumba Wear reseller in Ireland!

What does this mean?

• You can now browse and order official Zumba® clothes in Ireland on our webshop currently with FREE SHIPPING!
This includes anything from the tops, jumpers, tanks, leggings, sweatpants, accessories such as bracelets, bags, hats and of course the super comfy Zumba® shoes!

• If for whatever reason an item you ordered doesn't fit, you can simply return it to our address and get a full refund.

• If you are a Zumba® event goer, you will come across our Pop Up Shop at most of the events organised in Ireland where you can see, touch and try before you buy.

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And of course, it also means that you will be seeing a lot more people in Zumba Wear around. So don't get left behind, get your gear on :)

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