Cyber Week Special

Monday looks so much better 
with the 'Cyber' word 😍
And we will celebrate it for a week!


This is the last month of the year!
Dive into the Christmas Season 
knowing that you already signed up for next year!

Don't miss out!

- the passes are valid at all the locations
- these passes have no expiry date
- attend any location, any class, any time with the pass

8 Zumba classes - €60

15 Zumba classes - €100

Unlimited class passes:
- you can attend as many classes as you want every week
- no limitations at all
- the best value if you plan to attend more than one class every week
- buy it now, activate it when you want: your pass won't be activated automatically, so you don't lose out. Time is only ticking from the day you activate your unlimited pass. 

3 months Unlimited Zumba - €120

6 months Unlimited Zumba - €185

12 months Unlimited Zumba - €270
(The best deal you can get: for only €5.51 per WEEK, attend as many classes every week as you want!)

Cyber Week Special
ends on
Friday, 6th December

Don't miss out!
Make 2020 your best year!

Choose your Zumba pass:


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