5 Reasons Why You Should Avail of our Magical Christmas ZUMBA Offer

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1. Prices will go up!
This is one very obvious reason. Whether you are an existing customer, or new, we are sure that you would regret if you didn’t secure your classes for 2016 at these very low prices. For the last time before our new price-plans come into place.

2. No need to invest in new fitness apparel!
Who doesn’t need workout cloths? We all do! When you buy any of the offers now, you are in with the chance to WIN Zumba-outfit, value of €100! You can of course wear them to other fitness activities too – so who would say ‘No’ to such a prize? 

3. New Year’s Resolutions – ✓
Feel good ALREADY about your health-related New Year’s Resolutions – Why wait? You already know what you want in 2016, why not secure their success NOW, and feel good about yourself? Staying fit while having fun – this is a goal that sounds pretty good, don’t you agree? 😉

4. Extra money to spend!
With your purchase, you save a huge amount of money now, and you can feel free to spend the money saved on anything else. Buy presents, or even better: treat yourself – You deserve it! 

5. Wanna be happy and successful?
Countless studies done, hundreds of happy and successful people asked, and the result? One of the main habits of happy and successful people is that they plan ahead. Join the ‘club’! Plan ahead! Buy your class-passes now! Be happy, successful – and last but not least: healthy and fit while having fun at our ZUMBA classes.

BONUS REASON: New classes starting in January (in addition to our existing ones): Terenure, Dundrum, Dun Laoghaire, Bray – and all the passes will be valid at these new locations too! 

Need more reasons? I don’t think so, check them out again, and buy any of them (you can even have seconds or thirds of them 😉 ) – just make sure that you are sorted for the whole 2016.