7 Easy Tips To Enjoy Christmas Without The Weight Gain

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Christmas is about sharing love, spending time with family and friends, but let’s be honest, for many of us, it is also about eating and drinking a lot… If you don’t want to change your wardrobe in January and go one size up, then here are 7 easy-to-follow tips for you to enjoy Christmas without the remorse in January.

1. Healthy snacks on hand

It is so much easier to eat healthy when you find healthy food in your kitchen. So when doing your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to add some healthy snacks to your shopping basket. What can you include here? All your favorite fresh fruits, some dried fruits (check the label to make sure they are without added sugar or syrups), your favorite nuts and seeds. Sometimes we just feel like eating something. At this moment, if you only have a box of chocolate at hand, then you will of course open it. BUT! If you have other choices too, then that “something” can be some nuts or fruit. At least you have a choice!

2. Drink lots of water

Our body shows thirst in many different ways. Sometime, when you feel slightly hungry, it can be because of dehydration, and a big glass of water will vanish your hunger. Drinking a big glass of water before going out makes sure you don’t confuse hunger with thirst. Drinking a big glass of water at the party, during a meal, makes sure you feel nicely full without overeating. And drinking a big glass of water after the party keeps you hydrated and might protect you from a hangover the next day.

3. Never go to a party hungry

Remember the healthy snacks you bought? Snack on them throughout the day, and especially before going out, or before welcoming your friends for a dinner. You will eat a lot less! When hungry, it is very easy to overeat. Small portions will make you feel nice and full, and you won’t eat a 3 course meal of huge portions. You will be surprised by the difference!

4. Careful with the alcohol

One of the facts you have to bare in mind is that alcohol contains huge amount of calories, so basically they contribute considerably to the weight gain. The other “trick” what alcohol does is that it makes you feel hungry and makes you lose control over deciding what is good and what is not, how much is enough and so forth. 

5. Mix healthy food with food you love

If you try to be restrictive when going out, then you might feel that you didn’t enjoy the party at all. If you like to indulge, but you are afraid of the consequences, here is what to do. Wander first before putting anything on your plate. Check first what options you have. There are always some veggies and healthy food at a party. After having a clear picture of “what’s on offer”, take a plate, and fill it with healthy stuff, and add three of the ‘indulgent food’ you love. Mission accomplished!

6. Exercise

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym (only if you really want to). Some dancing in your living room or kitchen will do, mixed with few push ups, squats and plank . You will feel great and you will boost your metabolism (your body’s ability to convert food into energy, rather than fat). It will boost your mood too, and you will be proud of yourself! Better 10 minutes exercise, than no exercise at all.

7. Have fun!

Laughter has been proven to burn calories too, and benefit our health in so many different ways. Don’t spend too much time with calorie-counting, better spend that time with those you love, and make you laugh.

Merry Christmas!

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