Anna: “I’m Still Attending the Classes Now, 6 Months Pregnant”

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I love to dance and welcome any opportunity to do so(!), but I specifically started attending Lily’s Zumba classes to help me have a healthy, work-life balance.  As a business owner, I find it difficult to relax the mind, and this class structure allows me to get lost in the music & movement and not even have the pressure of necessarily remembering the routines.
The classes are at convenient times and locations so there’s loads of motivation to attend the classes regularly.  I am still attending now, 6 months pregnant, knowing how important it is for me and my baby to be fit and healthy.  I am convinced that my baby will come out twirling!!
It’s lovely to not realise your exercising, but have fun and receive all the benefits!  Lily has created an energetic & non-judgmental class, it’s perfect for everyone.

20th June 2013
Anna Young
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