Ayline: “It made me more confident”

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I moved to Dublin three months ago to take on a new challenge which was taking care of myself. My internship gives me great pleasure but also stress that builds up.

My search for a great stress release was difficult because I always hated sports. As someone with weight difficulties I had to motivate myself to go to my first class and put myself out there. 

Luckily it was worth the risk! My first class with Susanna was just perfect: fun, relaxing and challenging. 🙂  Time flew by without me realizing it.

One class a week wasn’t enough so I started going to Lily’s Tuesday class after work.
Both dancers combine fun choreographies with an impressively wide repertoire of tracks.  I had no problems picking up the routines and could do so at my own pace.
The level is just right: interesting and high enough energy to get a good workout without leaving beginners behind. 
Both Susanna and Lily welcome you in a friendly manner and create a very positive atmosphere. 

I immediately understood why they were so popular.

Result? I lost 4 kilo’s in 3 months which made me more confident and gave me excuse to shop. 🙂 See you during the next class!
Ayline Ilyasoglu


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