Can Beginners Do Zumba?

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In short: Yes!

No Previous Dance or Fitness Experience Needed

The great thing about Zumba, is that you don’t have to have a previous dance or fitness experience in order to join. You can join anytime without feeling like an outsider. The way our classes are structured is that we only change 1 song, every second week. So by the time you attend your second class, the moves will be a lot more familiar.

All Fitness Levels are Welcome

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised for 15 years (yep, that’s right), you can still do it and have a great time!
If you like the latin type of music and have a bit of affinity towards dancing, you can’t go wrong with Zumba.

Dance, Like No One Watching

You can dance, like no one watching. Other fellow dancers who attend the class focus so strongly on the instructor, they don’t have a chance to be looking at other people. And we don’t allow bystanders to be staring at the attendees. No pressure to do the steps correctly, there is no right or wrong in Zumba. As long as you keep moving, you are doing great.

No pressure, Do It At Your Own Pace

You can do it at your own pace that you feel comfortable with. You can even sit down in the middle of the class, nobody will criticize you for it.
If you miss one or two moves (or more), it’s not a problem. Our instructors are there to make your experience fun, not to make you uncomfortable.

So what are you waiting for?

See you at the classes!

“I have attended a fitness class before where the teacher commented on my attempt at the dance moves in front of the class.  With dance and health it is all about having fun. I really enjoy the music as well.”
– Aisling