Christina: “It Has Changed The Way I Live My Life: ZUMBA Makes Me HAPPY”

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My name is Christina, I am 42 years old and I am a ZUMBAholic 🙂

In the past I have tried many types of sports to take good care of my body: aerobics, step-, boxing-aerobics, Tai chi, swimming, walking, jogging, training in a gym; you name it! All of these sports were interesting and exciting at the beginning but after a few months I always started to get bored and found every one of them monotonous and dull. So, I ended up quitting every time!

As I love dancing and music in general, I had often thought, how nice it would be to be able to tone my body while moving to cool songs. So, when one day a friend told me about ZUMBA, I gave it a try.  This was 18 months ago and I haven’t stopped going to Lily’s classes ever since! I was even at a Zumbathon! And I have already convinced a few others to try it out; most of them are still in the group!

I could mention many healthy benefits that ZUMBA has for my body, such as calorie burn, toning, stress release, the social aspect of it (it is ageless!), the fun, time passes (too) quickly, etc. And of course the fact, that Lily is AMAZING as an instructor and her classes feel as if all is a big beach party!!

BUT the most important thing that ZUMBA does for me is also the most essential, as it has changed the way I live my life ever since I’ve started it: ZUMBA makes me HAPPY…. every time….and that is addictive :))

19th June 2013

Do you wonder if ZUMBA can make you happy too? If you never try, you’ll never know! Click here for timetable and class locations!