Deirdre: “The First New Year’s Resolution I Kept”

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My sister and I first attended Lily’s Zumba class in Jan 2012 as our new year’s resolution, I was dubious about going to a dance class with my Irish rhythm but once we got in the class we discovered it doesn’t matter if you are doing the steps right or not but once you attempt to follow Lily you will sweat ALOT. We had a good work out and we were smiling throughout – 2 things that I have never said about circuits/spinning!  That was 18 months ago, I attend Lily’s classes each week because I continue to see the benefits including toned muscles – both arms & legs due to Lily’s creative dance moves – more energy, distressing and an effective workout.

Lily’s enthusiasm is very motivating which makes me push myself that bit more.  I recommend Lily’s Zumba to anyone that wants to get a good workout and enjoy both the class and the results you will notice both physically and mentally. Be warned you may re-enact the dance moves you learn in your bedroom/kitchen/nightclub when you hear “one of the Zumba songs” – this however is not a bad thing 😉

Dee Power