Grace: “These Classes Are A Definite Highlight Of My Week!”

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I began Zumba classes with Lily in January 2012. Initially it was for 6 classes, but a year and a half later I’m still here, so I guess Lily must be doing something right!

When I decided to try Zumba it was because I wanted to find a method of exercise that I enjoyed, and that didn’t feel like a chore. I can say for sure now that not only are these classes not a chore, but they are a definite highlight of my week! That’s something I never thought I’d say a couple of years ago.

Along with the feel-good factor I get from Zumba, my mindset and habits have changed considerably when it comes to diet and exercise – I no longer think of exercise as something to dread, or to be endured; instead I see it as a tool that’s going to help me get healthier and improve my life.

This combination of healthier diet and regular exercise has helped me to lose over 3 and a half stone (over 50 lbs) in the last year, and Zumba has played a major role in that achievement. It’s amazing to have so much energy and to feel fitter than you’ve ever felt before – not to mention that once you start making conscious decisions about the food you eat, your body begins to crave the “good” foods. Now, I’m not claiming to be a saint – I’m still a confessed chocoholic! – but it’s a great feeling to realise that the first thing that comes to mind is the fresh juice in the fridge, not the fizzy drinks!

One of the main reasons that keep me coming back to Lily’s Zumba classes is Lily herself. She is so friendly, open and always has time for everyone, no matter what. Also, Lily is one of the few instructors I met who genuinely enjoys every single class, and that definitely rubs off on all the classgoers – the energy you get from each session is amazing – you have to feel it to believe it. It really helps to make the classes enjoyable, and that’s probably why I look forward to them so much – you can’t help but leave with a massive smile on your face! The classes are well structured, with various types of movement and musical styles, and you definitely get a good all-over workout, no matter what your ability– I can say I’ve never sweat so much in my life than at Lily’s Zumba classes – but trust me when I say that’s a good thing!

I would recommend Lily’s Zumba classes to absolutely anyone out there who is looking for a fun, easy way to get fit and healthy. Even if you’re worried about your own fitness level or are just selfconscious about being in a room full of strangers, this is the class for you – after five minutes, you’ll have forgotten why you were worried, and start wondering why you didn’t come sooner!

Grace O’Grady

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