Health and Weight Loss – Back to Basics

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As outlined previously, in order to follow the right path toward a healthy life, self-education is very important. 

Our body is an unbelievably miraculous “tool”. It is able to build itself, to maintain itself, to restore, heal and renew itself, to protect itself and in the meantime to continuously produce energy for its functioning. 

Our body never sleeps, not even when we are sleeping. It actually does the maintaining and repairing part of its job while we are sleeping.

To be able to carry out all of the above, it needs fuel, it needs nutrition.

But if we only eat food-like products, our body won’t be able to do its job, to do all those things listed above.

One thing is sure: if you give your body the nutrition it needs, it will reward you by getting sick rarely or not at all, by having lots of energy , by slowing down the signs of aging. Overall, you will feel and look better.

Did you know that gaining weight and not being able to get rid of it might possibly be the result of eating too much artificial stuff (toxins) and eating too little nutrients? 

Why is that?

1. Toxins are stored mainly in the body fat. So if your body is full of toxins, it just won’t be willing to let go of the excess fat, because there won’t be place to store the toxins then.

2. When our body lacks certain nutrients, it will be constantly hungry. But because it is already messed up with things which don’t belong there (artificial, over-processed stuff), it won’t be able to show what it exactly needs. You will just feel hungry all the time and never getting enough.

Now don’t start an unhealthy fasting to get rid of toxins. That will never bring results. There are, however, supervised detox programs, based on correct nutrition, exercise and sauna, which could help in getting rid of the toxins stored by the body.

The solution for these problems is to give the body all nutrients it needs. And then the body will take care of the job.

What does the body need?

a./ Protein
b./ Carbohydrate
c./ Fat
d./ Vitamins and minerals

The most important data here: The body needs ALL of the above, regardless of the fact that you want to lose weight or not.

I know there are dozens of popular weight loss diets out there based on cutting out either fat or carbohydrates from the diet. As said in the previous article, all these diets might get the weight loss result wanted in the short term. Following such a diet  though two things will follow after the first illusory “success”: you will either get the same or more weight back as you had before, or even worse, multiple diseases start to develop due to the nutritional imbalances created and due to the missing nutrients in the body.

I’m sure you don’t want any of those.

What to do then?

Never ever cut out any of the above listed nutrients. Learn a bit about each of them, and then make informed decisions about what food you eat.

All dietary fats are not equal, and all carbohydrates are not equal. Our body needs fat, needs carbohydrate, but it needs the right ones.

It might sound “logic” when the popular weight loss diet says that e.g. If you don’t eat fat, then the body will use the excess fat stored… Well,  let’s just say your body won’t get what it needs during such a diet, and it will take revenge on you.

Let me help you to see clearly in this world overloaded with healthy tips and weight loss diets.

We will go through each of the nutrients listed above in details, so you will understand why your body needs them, how to choose what to eat, and you will learn how to help your body get back to its original healthy functioning.

We will talk about cravings, and much more.

Protein  – in the next article

Can we get too little protein? Can we get too much protein? Do vegetarians and vegans get enough protein? What happens in the body when it gets too little or too much protein? Read about all these in the next article.

And as always, I want to highlight the importance of exercising beside the right nutrition. Whatever exercise you choose, it is good. The most important is to find something you enjoy, so you can easily implement exercising in your daily routine.  Come along to one of our ZUMBA fitness classes. CLICK HERE!