How to be excited about Monday?

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Do you dread Monday, as most people do? Or you look at it just like being another day?

Okay, so how to be excited about a day like Monday?

First, let’s look at the feeling of ‘excitement’. Stop for a second, and recall those moments when you were excited about something.

Most of the time, we are excited about something that will happen in the future so we can call it a goal, right? A goal that we achieve when we get there. Even if the excitement is toward a holiday, isn’t a holiday a goal? Something that we have dreamed about, then we have planned it and now have a date for it – which makes it a goal?

I think we can establish that we feel excited about our goals, and we feel happy when we achieve them. They can be small goals, and they can be huge ones – the excitement and happiness don’t always relate to the size of these goals. After all, everyone perceives it differently.

So let’s get back to our ‘Monday’. What can we do to feel more excited about it, and not let the sadness of the ended weekend grow over us?

There are two ways to go about it:

1. Add smaller goals to your days – starting with Monday. Make a plan to do something that makes you excited and look forward to. It can be a meeting with a friend or doing something that you have planned to do for a long time. It can be anything that makes you look forward to. The days when you have something exciting planned for will appear in a completely different light.

2. Work on your long term, bigger goals. Break them down into bitesize steps, and decide which action you will do each day – make this plan on Sunday evening. You will quickly find the joy in the process. You will be excited about Monday because of the things you will be doing to get you closer to that long term goal. 

Don’t let the day of the week dictate how you feel. Even if your day job doesn’t make you excited, make sure you have smaller and bigger plans that do make you excited and start working towards them. You will discover a much more fulfilling joy than the one that’s only generated by the days of the week. 

And remember: ZUMBA classes and our instructors guarantee that you find a great amount of joy in exercising – so why not schedule a class in for Monday? And for every day? The day will immediately look brighter, am I right? 😉

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