How To Beat Those Bingo Wings?

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Bingo wings – who doesn’t hate them? Most women would agree that the dangling fat underneath the upper arms is quite disturbing. Therefore, they don’t feel confident to wear sleeveless tops or dresses, and they don’t feel confident in general about how they look. The good news is that they can beat the bingo wings with the right exercises.
Why do we get bingo wings?
Bingo wings are basically excessive fat accumulated on the upper arms. Fat accumulates because the food we take in provides more energy than the energy we use. Besides belly, hips and thighs, arms are perfect spots for storing the excessive fat. So the fact of having bingo wings is a sign of being overweight.
Fighting bingo wings – Step 1.
The right exercise to start fighting bingo wings is cardiovascular (aerobic type) exercise, to use  up more energy, to burn fat. There are many choices: jogging, swimming, biking, dancing, speed walking, aerobics, Zumba® Fitness. Doing one of these exercises regularly, at least thirty minutes four times a week can help reduce body fat all over the body, including upper arms.
Fighting bingo wings – Step 2.
Besides, doing toning exercises for the arm area can speed up the result. Working with own body weight is one of the best choices, also being very easy to do the exercises in the comfort of your own home.
Back press or chair dip – The chair is behind your back, then you place your hand palms down on the chair with your arms straight and the legs in front of you as wide as your shoulder. Lower your body until your elbow is bent at a 90 degree angle and then push yourself back up.
Push ups (easy or difficult version) – You might hate push ups, but once you see the results they will become your best friend. You might want to start with the easy version, which places the knees instead of the feet on the floor so that you don’t feel much pressure when lowering your body to the floor.
These two exercises done in repetitions will make you get the best results.
It is important to remember that doing toning exercises only will not get rid of the flabby underarms. Cardiovascular exercise (outlined above) is unavoidable to get the results you want.
During our ZUMBA® classes, there are many steps when serious arm moves are added. Beside the cardiovascular and fat burning benefit of a ZUMBA® fitness class, you can tone up your arms, if you keep your upper arm muscles tight while doing the arm moves. You will feel the difference!
Good bye, bingo wings! – Hello, gorgeous sleeveless dress!
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