Irina: “My Muscles Are Toned, And I Feel Much More Energized!”

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I have come across zumba about two years ago when looking for a fun fitness class which would be available on a pay as you go basis to suit my hectic lifestyle.

I love dancing and going out, and I thought zumba was like clubbing during daytime, while drinking lots of water and shedding those ever persistent calories – what could be a better exercise?!

The songs and Lily’s dance routines are brilliant, and if you ever hear a tune from the class in a club, you won’t be able to resist pulling off those killer moves on a dance floor 😉
I also find the venues in the city centre very convenient, as it’s handy to go to a class on the way home from work.

Unlike other types of exercise I’ve tried before, I never have to make myself go to zumba, because it is always so much fun, and a feel good feeling is guaranteed from the moment the music starts – until the rest of the day. I love that Lily smiles throughout the class, because it makes you smile back and enjoy yourself even more!

I remember at the start I used to wonder how many songs were left till the end, as I was so exhausted – in spite of the class being only 45 minutes long. I still felt happy in the end, but it was a bit of a struggle! Now I get surprised when the warm down tune starts, as I find it so much easier, which is most certainly a testament to my improved fitness level. My muscles are toned, and I feel much more energized.

Another thing I love about zumba is that it gives me an opportunity to completely switch off. I even started calling it “my yoga” 🙂

I’ve tried different zumba teachers before, and hands down, Lily is the best. Her energy, her positivity and friendliness – along with her particular style and technique, makes it the best zumba class you’ll find in Dublin. It is an amazing workout for all ages, and I can’t wait to bring my Mum for a class when she visits in a couple of months!

Irina Adashkevich

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