Isabel: “When You Leave The Class, You Always Feel Happier Than When You Arrived”

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I was searching for an enjoyable way to get fit and I thought zumba sounded fun. It was possible to go class-by-class with no immediate commitment, so I thought I would try a few classes and see if I liked it – sure why not?!

Before zumba, I enjoyed other types of exercise like tennis and hockey, but I really wanted to find a form of exercise that I could do alone, on a regular basis and enjoy! I never thought I would find a form of exercise that I would love as much as I love zumba.

Lily’s classes are just fab. She is such a lovely teacher and no matter who you are or how many times you’ve been to the class, you feel support emanating from her. She is always smiling and radiates a feeling of encouragement. The general atmosphere in Lily’s classes is always great too. Everyone is there to have fun and exercise together. There is no air of judgement or disdain like you might find in the gym. When you leave the class, you always feel happier than when you arrived. It’s just a super environment to spend an hour in.

After a few zumba classes with Lily, I just wanted to keep coming back. Thursday became my favourite day of the week because of the class.

I have tried other zumba teachers, but Lily is the best. Her song choices are great and the moves are complicated enough to be challenging but easy enough to master after a few classes. In my opinion, these are the best kind of dance routines because you feel like you’ve achieved something when you have learnt the routine to a song and I also think you get a better workout when you can dance the whole song and give it socks.

The great thing about zumba is that you get so into it that you don’t even realise you’re exercising! The class ends and you’re sweating and feeling fantastic.

I lost weight by going to zumba and generally felt fitter and better for it.

I would recommend zumba to anyone who is looking for a fun way to exercise and a regular workout. I would especially recommend Lily’s zumba class because she is a brilliant teacher and her music and moves are the best.

I recently moved house and have not been able to attend Lily’s zumba classes for a couple of weeks. I miss it so much and hope that I will be able to get back to the classes some day. For anyone thinking about taking up zumba, I would say go for it! Join a class, feel the music, and fill your heart with zumba love!

Isabel Baker

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