Jessica: “I Lost Weight And I Felt Better About My Body”

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I discovered Zumba fitness 3 years ago. At this time, I was 17 kilos more. I was unconfident and uncomfortable with my body. I always enjoyed dancing but I never liked intensive sport. That’s why, it was hard for me to lose weight.

A friend told me about Zumba class, a new fitness program, where you move your body, dance, lose calories and have fun at the same time. So, we decided to try this new revolutionary program together. I enjoyed Zumba fitness immediately.

I loved the musics because they were very motivating and I liked all the choreographies. I didn’t realize that I was losing calories during the class because I had fun. Moreover, I shared this moment with three friends, so it was very funny.

One year after discovering Zumba class, I lost a little bit weight but not enough for me (because I practiced Zumba class only once a week and my eating habits were very bad). So, I decided to change these habits thanks to a nutritionist. She showed me how to eat healthier. I discovered a lot of new foods and recipes. I learnt how to cook vegetables and fruits.

What’s more, I decided to go to Zumba class more often (around 3 times a week). And the more I went, the more I loved it. After a Zumba class, I felt really good. I was smiling and proud of me because I gave all my energy. Rapidly, I lost weight and I felt better about my body.

Now, I think I’m addicted to Zumba fitness. When I arrived to Dublin 10 months ago, I really missed Zumba fitness. One of my principal purpose was to find a new class because I couldn’t live without dancing.

Fortunately, I found Lily’s class few months after. It made me smile and happy again !!

(Picture at the bottom: Jesssica before Zumba and healthy eating.
Picture at the top: Jessica now.)

Jessica Paul
19th June 2013

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