Justine: “If I Can’t Attend A Week I Really Miss It”

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I began zumba with Lily almost two years ago now. I wanted to do exercise that was not only a good workout but also would keep me interested for a long time. 

I found myself getting bored of other classes and the gym very quickly. With zumba, you are distracted from the idea of exercising because you are concentrating on the music and the dance moves. 

It is a fun class, and you can really push yourself to get a great workout from it. If I can’t attend a week I really miss it and look forward to the next one. I have tried other zumba classes but this is by far the best.

I would advise everybody to give zumba with Lily a go, it is great fun and great exercise. I always leave the class feeling energised and uplifted.

Justine Miley

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