Laetitita:”I Lost The Baby Weight In No Time”

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I started Zumba class with Lily after I had my second baby. I was already going to Zumba classes elsewhere and I really enjoyed it.

My first class with Lily was a great experience because I was doing a real work out. She was really good and really professional. 

I was sweating more than at any other Zumba class. It was a completely different experience. The steps are easy to follow because Lily is a great teacher. While teaching she is smiling all the time.
For a few months I went to her classes several times a week and  I combined it with a healthy diet. I lost my extra weight in no time. More importantly I got rid of the nasty cellulite around my legs.

(Picture at the bottom: Laetitia before Zumba and healthy eating.
Picture at the top: Laetitia now!)

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