Laura: “My Body Is Getting Toned For The Very First Time In My Life!”

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I have known Lily for a long time and we used to have so much fun as colleagues. She is a good friend of mine so it was obvious for me to pay attention when she started writing her blog about healthy lifestyle. 
She gave me the first push to stop my fancy diets forever, stop moaning about my weight and instead of those start a new and healthy lifestyle. If she could do it, why can’t I?
(Picture: After – in 2012)
So when she quit from the company and started her Zumba classes I was one of her first students to visit her. That gave me so much then – I started organizing my week, first time in history I was actually waiting for Mondays as I knew it was Zumba-day!
After a little while I knew it was not enough to go only once per week but I was living far away from the city center so I started different workouts too. 
Since then without any special diets I lost 22 pounds and the best one: my body is getting toned for the very first time in my life! I don’t use elevators anymore, I don’t have to catch my breath if I run for the bus. I started loving to walk and do it a lot when I have a day off.
I discovered local shops and markets where I can buy fresh food instead of having fast food from supermarkets and take away  I discover new, easy and healthy recipes every day. I cannot say that I’m there at the finish line but I’m on the right track to live a healthy life thanks to Lily’s inspiring articles, her smiley and stress-killing cardio Zumba classes and of course the chats with her which motivate me to follow this path and never quit.
28th March 2013
Laura Baltigh
(Picture: Before – in 2011)

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