Obesity May Be Linked With Covid-19 Disease Severity

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The Irish Heart Foundation urged the government to tackle obesity in Ireland.

HSE professionals said there is emerging evidence that obesity may be linked to Covid-19 disease severity.

23% of adults in Ireland are obese, according to HSE.

The government has been urged to follow the United Kingdom’s approach. The UK government is asking overweight people to lose five pounds to help lower the risk of dying due to Covid-19.

These are some of the new rules the UK government wants to introduce:

– restaurants to display calories on menus

– ‘buy one get one free’ deals on unhealthy items to be banned

– TV ads for junk food to air only after 9 pm

The Irish Heart Foundation wants to the Irish government to go even further: 

– mandatory reformulation of unhealthy food and drinks

– extending the sugar tax on drinks to include confectionery goods

There is a link between obesity and coronavirus, so losing weight could be lifesaving.

The original article appeared on The Journal website and can be viewed here

It is no wonder the Irish Heart Foundation is the organisation urging the government to make changes.

Most cardiovascular diseases are preventable.

One of the vital things to do: cardio exercise. They also call it aerobic exercise. Anything that brings the heart rate up, and keeps it there for the duration of the exercise.

Even though exercise like yoga or pilates are great, they are NOT the cardio type of exercises and would do nothing to promote heart health.
To keep your heart healthy, you need to do things like aerobics, running, Zumba, dance fitness, tennis, hiking, etc. Workouts and activities that keep your heart rate up.

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And then of course: eating nutritious food, eliminating or reducing sugar intake plays another huge part in keeping our heart healthy.