Our 10 tips to reduce stress and be more positive

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We all go through tough times, stressful periods in our lives. At times, it may feel like the situation is completely out of control.
The good news is: Something always can be done about it!

Here is our 10 practical tips to reduce stress and be more positive:

1. Take a lot of vitamin C

Although this will give your body a boost instead of boosting your mental health, the two are closely related.
That is why we don’t normally see a cheerful sick person.
Usually, happy people are full of vitality, and vice versa.
We can’t tell you how much vitamins to take, but just as an idea: Normally we take 5,000 mg Vitamin C on a daily basis. Whenever we start to feel any symptoms of an illness or flu (sniffing, sore throat, etc) we immediately increase it to 8-10,000 mg a day to boost our immune system. We take it through 1,000 mg doses, spread throughout the day.

2. Don’t get the news from the TV and radio

Of course, we all need to be up-to-date, but sometimes the news can be overwhelmingly negative and we don’t necessarily need to know about all the details.
It’s much more practical to get the news online.
What’s the difference, you might ask?
When you check the news online, you are in control. With a tap of a button, you can just scroll away, or go to the next one without drowning in the negativity. When you watch the news on the TV or listen to the radio, you have no way of controlling it.

3. Keep your place tidy

Stress turns our attention inside and as a side effect, we put less attention on our immediate environment. Things can get unorganized, messy and dirty.
Why not reverse engineer this process?
When you keep your place tidy, it will naturally make you feel better and happier!

4. Exercise regularly

The lower you feel, the higher the benefit will be. Awful day? Think about the energising feeling after your exercise session. Not to mention the countless other benefits of exercising beside the mood-booster one. If you’re interested in seriously boosting your mood with out fun-filled online dance-fitness classes, start your free trial here.

5. Take a walk

Before you think walking is for your body, well, not only. Taking a walk is our number one “trick” when we feel stressed out.
What is stress after all? It’s constantly keeping our attention on a problem.
When you go out to take a walk, make sure you look at the environment far from you. Buildings, gardens, trees, mountains, etc.
You may feel tired at the beginning (even start to yawn), but if you keep going, your attention will start to turn outward as opposed to looking inward. Do that for at least 30 min – 1 hour a day.
Works like magic!

6. Watch a good movie

There is something magical about art. It has the power to take us to a brand new universe, leaving the reality – at least temporarily – behind.
Don’t fall into binge-watching though :)))

7. Read an exciting book

There is something magical about art. It has the power to take us to a brand new Just like watching a good movie, reading a great book can take your attention off a problem and can help you switch off.

8. Listen to cheerful music

Summer hits work like magic. They’re all about sunshine, happiness, love. You can even choose the year you have the best summer memories from, and download all its hits.
Don’t be shy to sing along! 🙂

9. Learn something new

There is something common about us, humans: Deep inside, we always want to grow, get better, stronger, smarter.
Maybe there is a skill you always wanted to learn and you’ve been putting it off for a while.
Do you know the best time to learn? It’s Now O’Clock.

10. Be nice to others

There is something common about us, humans: Deep inside, we always want to

What??? “This is about me!” – you might think…
When we are stressed out, that’s all we can think of. And we want others to understand our pain and frustration.
Sometimes it’s necessary to just offload, but most of the times we could live without the drama.
People are attracted to positive people.
When you have the urge to say something negative, just take a deep breath, and share some good news instead. If you can’t, why not find something complimentary in the other person!
Everybody likes an honest compliment. Do you remember a time when you got a nice comment on your dress? How did you feel?
Being nice to others and making them feel good has some unexplainable effect on us.
What goes around, comes around – as they say.
We might as well use it in our favour.
After all, love is the one thing we can’t give too much of.

About the Author
About the Author

Lily is a group fitness instructor, licensed Zumba® instructor, certified nutritionist, health coach and co-founder of Dance and Health.

She has been struggling with her weight since early childhood. She was bullied as a teenager, and that’s when her long-lasting yo-yo dieting journey started.
It continued until her twenties, when she finally decided to change and stop following unhealthy weight-loss plans.

She’s passionate about nutrition and educating others about the simplicity of health and well-being.
She firmly believes that physical and mental health is the cornerstone of succeeding in any area, and she loves helping people achieve a more joyful and healthier life.