Real ZUMBA® Stories

Real people - Real stories!

We feel blessed for having amazing clients who were happy to share their stories, not just about the classes, but also including other details about themselves to help inspire others towards a healthy lifestyle. They happily agreed to attach their photo and to participate with their full name.  We didn't want to apply any editing, because we thought their stories were perfect the way they are. Hopefully they will inspire you to try out the classes and live a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy reading their stories!

Deirdre: "A few months ago, I felt I needed to increase the amount of exercise I was doing to improve my fitness. One morning as I walked into work, an ad for Dance and Health's introductory offer popped up on my Facebook feed.

When I discovered that one of the classes takes place very near where I work, I went ahead and booked the offer. Click to read Deirdre's full story

Ayline: "I moved to Dublin three months ago to take on a new challenge which was taking care of myself. My internship gives me great pleasure but also stress that builds up.
My search for a great stress release was difficult because I always hated sports. As someone with weight difficulties I had to motivate myself to go to my first class and put myself out there. Luckily it was worth the risk! Click to read Ayline's full story

Aisling: "It's just over a year ago since I started Zumba classes with Lily. I want to start this blog article by celebrating that and to offer it as encouragement - if I can stick with one form of exercise for a whole year (and I don't intend to stop) then I'm sure anyone can.

Lily has asked me if I'd be willing to share my story with you to offer encouragement and inspiration. So how did I come to Zumba and why do I think it has stuck?- Click to read Aisling's full story.

Laetitia: "My first class with Lily was a great experience because I was doing a real work out. She was really good and really professional.

I was sweating more than at any other Zumba class. It was a completely different experience. The steps are easy to follow because Lily is a great teacher. While teaching she is smiling all the time.

I lost the baby weight in no time! - Click to read Laetitia's full story.

Jessica: "I discovered Zumba fitness 3 years ago. At this time, I was 17 kilos more. I was unconfident and uncomfortable with my body. I always enjoyed dancing but I never liked intensive sport. That's why, it was hard for me to lose weight.

A friend told me about Zumba class, a new fitness program, where you move your body, dance, lose calories and have fun at the same time. So, we decided to try this new revolutionary program together. I enjoyed Zumba fitness immediately. - Click to read Jessica's full story.

Christina: "I could mention many healthy benefits that ZUMBA has for my body, such as calorie burn, toning, stress release, the social aspect of it (it is ageless!), the fun, time passes (too) quickly, etc. And of course the fact, that Lily is AMAZING as an instructor and her classes feel as if all is a big beach party!!

BUT the most important thing that ZUMBA does for me is also the most essential, as it has changed the way I live my life ever since I've started it: ZUMBA makes me HAPPY.... every time....and that is addictive :)) - Click to read Christina's full story.

Justine: "It is a fun class, and you can really push yourself to get a great workout from it. If I can't attend a week I really miss it and look forward to the next one. I have tried other zumba classes but this is by far the best.

I would advise everybody to give zumba with Lily a go, it is great fun and great exercise. I always leave the class feeling energised and uplifted. Click to read Justine's full story.

Irina: "Unlike other types of exercise I've tried before, I never have to make myself go to zumba, because it is always so much fun, and a feel good feeling is guaranteed from the moment the music starts - until the rest of the day. I love that Lily smiles throughout the class, because it makes you smile back and enjoy yourself even more!

My muscles are toned, and I feel much more energized. Another thing I love about zumba is that it gives me an opportunity to completely switch off. I even started calling it "my yoga" :) Click to read Irina's full story.

Laura: "My body is getting toned for the very first time in my life! I don’t use elevators anymore, I don’t have to catch my breath if I run for the bus. I started loving to walk and do it a lot when I have a day off.

I cannot say that I’m there at the finish line but I’m on the right track to live a healthy life thanks to Lily’s inspiring articles, her smiley and stress-killing cardio Zumba classes and of course the chats with her which motivate me to follow this path and never quit. Click to read Laura's full story.

Anna: "As a business owner, I find it difficult to relax the mind, and this class structure allows me to get lost in the music & movement and not even have the pressure of necessarily remembering the routines.

The classes are at convenient times and locations so there's loads of motivation to attend the classes regularly.  I am still attending now, 6 months pregnant, knowing how important it is for me and my baby to be fit and healthy.  I am convinced that my baby will come out twirling!! Click to read Anna's full story.

Grace: When I decided to try Zumba it was because I wanted to find a method of exercise that I enjoyed, and that didn’t feel like a chore. I can say for sure now that not only are these classes not a chore, but they are a definite highlight of my week! That’s something I never thought I’d say a couple of years ago.

Along with the feel-good factor I get from Zumba, my mindset and habits have changed considerably when it comes to diet and exercise – I no longer think of exercise as something to dread, or to be endured; instead I see it as a tool that’s going to help me get healthier and improve my life. Click to read Grace's full story.

Feel free to come along and try it out for yourself. You'll have your own story about how regular exercise changed the way you feel. Zumba classes in Dublin and Wicklow. Click here for locations and times.


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