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✓ Full body workout
✓ No equipment needed
✓ 45-minutes classes
✓ Lots of fun and sweating
✓ Burning hundreds of calories in a class
✓ The best mood-booster 😍


Choose a package that suits you best:

- no expiry date
- attend any class from the timetable, any time

10 classes - €60


Unlimited passes:
- attend as many classes as you want, no limitations at all
- the pass will be activated when you book your first class
- you can activate your pass on any day: 
for example: if you activate your 1-month pass on 29th April, it will expire on 29th May

1 month Unlimited classes - €29

2 months Unlimited classes - €49



10 am - 2 pm
(Book the class before 10 am and attend it anytime until 2 pm)

5 pm - 9 pm
(Book the class before 5 pm and attend it anytime until 9 pm)

Stay healthy, fit and happy!

Wondering what if you don't like it?
No need to worry:
If you don't like your first class, simply let us know within 72 hours, and we give you a full refund - and your class was on us.


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