Sweet Morning, Sour Day

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Do you ever feel tired, lifeless and having no energy during the day?
Feeling wooden or fatigue?

Before you start thinking there is something wrong with you, here is a small article about what might be causing that.

Protein is the main source of energy for your body. It’s the fundamental building block of muscles.
If you don’t make sure your body has enough supply of protein, it will give you a hard time during the day.

Some food give you the apparency of energy and may taste better than a plain egg.
Grabbing a croissant, a pastry or a bowl of sweet cereal may be a great choice for your taste buds, but certainly not a good one for your whole body.
Sugar can and will boost your energy level for a short while but then it comes the crash. And if that’s combined with having no protein at all, 
you may not even “recover” from it, hence the lower energy level.
The sweet morning turns into a sour day.

Remember those old movies, where the stoker was feeding the old locomotive with coils?

Imagine if he was putting paper onto the fire instead of coil.
Surely it would burn, but the train wouldn’t get too far…

It’s exactly the same with your body. You need to give it the proper source of energy.

So instead of having pastry, chocolate or croissant as your main breakfast, grab something with lots of protein. Eggs are always a good choice as they are full of protein, but there are lot of other options.