Weight Loss – How To Choose The Right Approach?

This article introduces a series of articles in the health and weight loss topic. Do you want to understand why you don’t reach your health goals? Are you fed up with losing weight and then gaining the whole of it back, or even more? Do you want to know why you don’t have energy? Do you want to understand why it is so hard to follow healthy eating? The answers are easier than you’d think. 

After a long winter the weather forecast in Ireland now shows that there will be 20 degrees Celsius in two weeks. No doubt everyone is getting ready for summer, for holidays. And no doubt that after the New Year’s resolution and people hitting the gym, this is now the second peak time of the year for gyms, nutritionists, weight-loss ‘gurus’ and so forth. Libraries  are featuring “Fast weight loss diet” type of books, and plenty of online and offline advertisements ‘trick’ the customer to think there is a fast way to lose weight and get slim.

Well, they are right! There are countless of diets which will bring the result of losing weight fast. I think almost all of them work in the short term.


Is losing weight fast really what you want? And in general: Can weight loss be the overall goal?

You have to ask yourself and visualize yourself after reaching your dream weight. Close your eyes, and get the picture of you the way you want to see yourself.  I’m sure you are seeing a person with a happy smile, with glowing eyes and in general full of energy. Yes, what you see describes a fully healthy person.

Now, let’s say you reach your dream-weight, but you don’t have energy, have bad mood all the time, feel and look more like a zombie than a human being. Your skin is pale, your hair lacks vitality, and strangely enough you have to visit the doctor more and more often.

Who do you want to become? An energetic person in good shape, or a zombie?

Most of the popular  weight loss diets will get the result what they promised, so even if they offer money back guarantee, they can sit back, as you will lose weight. But are you healthy? Are you fit? Is your body and skin firm, or you lost weight but you’re only looking good in cloths?

Be honest now!

The only reason those businesses are able to make big money while you only get temporary result with possible side effects, is your lack of knowledge.

How your lack of knowledge can push you further from your dream-body and dream-health?

If you have no basic knowledge about your body, how it works, what it needs, then you will easily believe everything. Especially when you hear the dream phrase: “Scientists found” or “Scientifically proven fact”. Science is good. But when “science” gets above common sense, well, then bad things start to happen.

Nowadays, if I told you a fact (scientifically proven, of course), then you would sure find another study or research which scientifically proves the exact opposite. Does it sound unbelievable? It’s true.

How can you make sure you follow the right path when losing weight?

The only way to do that is to start educating yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to college and study several years in order to learn a bit about your body.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot believe any nutritionist or get any advice. There are many great professionals out there with real knowledge and genuine interest in your health, ready to help. Unfortunately though there are even more businesses looking only at the profit side of the whole thing, and not having your health as a real purpose.

In case you are willing to learn about your body, you will be able to make informed decision on any healthy product, weight-loss diet, healthy living advice and so forth. Just to give you an example: when a product is advertised with the line. “It burns fat”- well, even if it sounds good, it is not really the product that you will spend money on once you get a bit of information about your body.

Get the facts and decide for yourself! 

My aim is to help you with this. In each article I will go through basic things, in an easy-to-understand language, free from foreign words to make sure you get the data and get really healthy.

In the meantime, don’t forget that exercising must be a part of your life, so try to find one which you really enjoy each time. If you haven’t done so, come along to one of our ZUMBA classes, it is fun and workout at the same time. CLICK HERE