What Is ZUMBA® Fitness?

People keep talking about ZUMBA® Fitness, but what exactly is ZUMBA® Fitness?

The short answer in 10 points:

1. Group exercise class
2. Great fun
3. ‘Feel good’ songs
4. Cool moves
5. Sweating
6. Positive energy
7. Weight loss
8. Firmer and fitter body
9. Disappearing stress
10. Leaving with a big smile on the face

Getting interested? ZUMBA® Fitness is all the 10 points above.

ZUMBA® Fitness is a group exercise class, the roots are somewhere in the old dance aerobic classes. The big difference between the aerobic, or other group exercise classes and ZUMBA® Fitness is that ZUMBA® Fitness is THE exercise, THE ONE what everyone enjoys. Whether you love aerobic classes or not, whether you like exercising or not, whether you can dance or not, you will LOVE ZUMBA® Fitness!

How is that possible?

First of all the songs a ZUMBA® Fitness instructor chooses for the class are typical ‘feel-good’ songs, those kind of songs which make you smile and maybe move at least one toe when you hear them.

The moves on a ZUMBA® Fitness class are cool, taken from different dance styles, but you don’t have to be a dancer, don’t worry, the purpose of them is to make you forget about the fact that you are working out.

While listening to the music and following the ZUMBA® Fitness instructor’s lead, you totally forget about the litres of sweat, and you look surprised hearing the cool-down song, as you didn’t notice 50 or 60 minutes are gone.

Well, this is the point when you realise you found THE WORKOUT, the one you can look forward to, and it’s called ZUMBA® Fitness.

ZUMBA® Fitness is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, so if you’ve tried a class and didn’t like it, that means you haven’t found the instructor whose style matches your style. Keep looking, keep searching, as once you find it, you will stick with ZUMBA® Fitness forever and ever.

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